Sunday, 6 December 2015

Santorini, Part 2

Carrying on from my first Santorini post lets kick things off with this shot. If there was anything that could show the genuine love these two have for each other it is this! Seeing them together fills me with all sorts of gooey emotions and I sort of burst with pride. It was also nice beyond words to have a second pair of hands ALL WEEK LONG. But extra special for James to get unlimetted uninterupted time with his daughter, the first time since she was born really.

Is there anything cuter then a baby in a swimming costume? Didn't think so! Especially those thigh rolls. Boy do I love her. But I guess there is more to this island than the little girl I bought onto it! So lets show more of that. I suppose those thigh rolls can wait.

We drove the length of the island all while Elin napped in the carseat! We kept saying we'd stop at the next village, and then the next one as she stayed asleep a lot longer than expected. This selfie was taken at the highest point overlooking the entire place! It was lovely to spend some adult time together and this one picture reminds me of holidays we took before baby. I wouldn't change our honeymoon plus 1 at all but it was still nice to not have to worry for a few hours.

When Elin finally woke we were in Oia again so explored a little further. The shops are so quaint and lovely and the streets  have such a familiar feeling. The views don't really even need a description! We visited churches, the town hall, the castle and a hundred other nooks and cranny's all full of traditional greek charm.

James cooks a romantic dinner for 2. But clearly little miss didn't wanna miss out! Its past your bed time young lady!

Here's Elin in Fira. Again an amazing place to explore with some exceptional restaurants. While we were here we got those fish pedicures and James sampled the authentic greek ales. We also stumbled across the best dessert shop there ever was at the cheapest prices! We picked up desert pratically every night and finished it off for every breakfast. It was seriosuly amazing. (No pics as we demolished it all so quickly!)

Whilst in Fira we booked a resturaunt for our last meal of the holiday. Oh. My. Goodness. it did not disappoint! It was the best thing we had ever eaten. We got so lucky and enjoyed guenuine culinery delights. I've never even wanted to use that phrase before but it was so apt for this meal I tell ya. Again, here we are in a bloody posh resturaunt and Elin? She could not have been made more welcome! Even more impressive considering we let her feed herself so you can imagine the mess. It was a wonderful last evening. 

That pretty much wraps up our honeymoon adventure and looking through all of these as winter settles all around us makes me wanna go back in about a weeks time. If you don't care much for beaches then this island simply can not disappoint. I count myself very very lucky to have been able to visit it with my family and have the most wonderful time. Hopefully its not a once in a life time thing so heres to planning the next adventure there!

Love, Us.


  1. Wow it looks like such a beautiful place - I'm sold! What an amazing honeymoon. You look like such a happy family! Are you on instagram / twitter? I'm anniebobsblog on both - would love to stay up to date on your blog. Alison :)

    1. It is a beautiful spot! I do so hope we can return one day! I'm not on twitter but forever sharing on instagram. We're All_about_Elin, i'l seek you our now, loved reading the goings on in your little world. Tess :)