Saturday, 19 December 2015

Here comes Santa Clause!

The Christmas jumpers have made their first appearance! And for a brilliant reason too, because little Elin Lathey had an important date with SANTA. We booked Elin a place at Otter Nurseries Santa's grotto and I literally have been so excited all week to take her. But I was also seriously anxious in case she screamed the place down and I knew I'd feel so disappointed even though that a bit silly. I worried for nothing though as she had a great time! And so did this mumma too!

For a grotto that cost a mere £6 they put on a great show for all the kids. We started by singing the reindeer hookie cookie with our special reindeer ears and were then led all around Santa's home. We saw the talking reindeer, enjoyed snow and a winter wonderland in the garden, before making reindeer food in the kitchens. Obviously this all completely bypassed Elin but it was a great experience and we'll definately do it when she's older. It really was magical. I was so overwhelmed I didn't get too many photos but take my word for it- it was SO good.

They created such a lovely little world in the grotto and the whole thing lasted a good 20 minutes. I can't recommend it enough so if you're local make sure to check it out for next year. It is madly popular though and we booked our tickets back in October as its sure to book out. Elin spent the whole time crawling around and exploring- I'm counting this as her sensory play for the week, so it wasn't just for us after all!

And there's the money shot right there! Just look at her little smile. I was so chuffed that she was happy and bursting with pride for some irrational reason. The present comes down the chimney (obviously) and our little monkey leapt on it. Yep, that is for you young lady- finders keepers and all ;) We left and I can't explain how overwhelmed I was! In my head I was imagining all the future years when she can really appreciate all the magic and I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter to make all these memories with. Shes got so much to look forward to and its our job to make her childhood as magical and meaningful as possible. I think looking at her I just realized all the possibilities she has in front of her. Okay, I may have cried a little. But in my defense I had just met the man of the moment! I'l finish off with that Santa picture again because its just such a cracker!

I'd love to see your Santa pictures! Any grottos or experiences worth considering for next year? I'm all ears!

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