Monday, 30 November 2015

Elin's Christening Day

My last few posts recapping our wedding were pretty picture happy and I'm afraid to say the next few posts will be too- depicting our honeymoon! I realise now just how many photos mean so much to me, and thinking how I'l narrow that down when getting some framed is a daunting task! But today at least, I'l keep it short and sweet and a little more about my musings than my camera happy self.

The day after our Wedding we had little Elin christened. It was alovely service followed by eating all the left overs from the wedding. It made sense to have it then as our family were already all here for it but I do also feel a little sad I couldn't have put a bit more thought into it for her. Oh well, I'l just make up for it with every birthday and christmas and half birthday etc etc!

During the christening I read a little piece I had written, but while writing it I realised just how much love I have for our daughter. I mean, I knew that any way of course but it really bought it home in a big way. I get these moments and look at her and just can not believe that she is mine. Like, I created her! The little madam who can seek out a tag/lable from a room away, who stares at strangers until she gets a smile, who claps when she gets frustrated with herself. That girl is MINE. Well ours, but still. We're responsible for raising her to be good and true. To grow her into a wonderful and kind person. To teach her right from wrong. Its pretty overwhelming to think about. I get to spend the better part of my life, all of my adult life really, being that sweet little pickles mummy. Theres nothing more amazing, more rewarding, more frustrating and more challenging than that!

I love you Elin, Oh yes I do!

Thank you for being my daughter :)

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Our Wedding day, Part 3

Last installment- I promise!

I've been sharing all the little moments from our wedding and today is just to show all the shots we had done just us two! We honestly debated even going for these as I'm not a huge fan of the posed shots, but honestly, these images are so dear to me I'm more grateful for them then I can express!

I'l keep things a bit shorter today as I really am close to turning this blog into a wedding blog which was never my intention. I'm sorta sorry, but really I loved this day beyond anything so keeping it to only three posts is actually pretty restrained I think!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Our wedding day, part 2

If you read the last post you would have seen my brief (but not really brief at all) recap of the morning of our wedding and the ceremony. Here I'l share some of the gems from our reception! These pictures really show the life and the happiness we shared that day, rather than all the special, pretty details. I love those details too (and you can see lots of them over at Rock and Roll Bride!) but most importantly a wedding should be about love, about family and friends. SO i've gone for those special moments here. The ones that pull right at my heart strings and make me wish that day could have lasted way longer!

Some of these shots really do make me think how brilliant the human face is! Our expression says so much and is so priceless. I'm guilty of thinking up facebook esque captions up for photos when I look at them and this first one is 'quick get Elin out of the way, she's stealing focus!' And as for my face in the second its a real 'nahhhhhhh' face, I'm looking pretty skeptical about something!

Obviously the boys group shot was on space hoppers. I mean, how else would we have wanted them?

The wedding day passed in such a blur that there was so much we missed. Looking back at images of our friends and family having fun is a brilliant feeling. We didn't know if a lot of ideas would be lost on people but seeing shots like this shows that actually all our hard work paid off! These two captures truly sum up the reception perfectly. Also, this chap was actually a wedding crasher- of the best kind! One of James' oldest friends, we kept encouraging him to invite the guy but James felt he'd never have the time or be that bothered to come. (admittedly he is in a band touring but still!) He then rocked up as a surprise for James as someone else's plus one! How brilliant is that? If it were any other day I'd say it made James day, but hopefully his bride did that anyway!

The speeches, the bench and dancing! The first image? Possibly the best most accurate depiction of the best mans speech! I daren't share all but James face speaks volumes and it was a brilliant moment caught in this wonderful shot. Something we did that I would definitely recommend was this little bench. We set it far back from the festivities so that we could take a minute by ourselves to actually take it all in. The day passes in a blur so to sit and actually look at it, see what we had created and spend some down time together with our Elin was really lovely and important for us too. And then we re-joined and danced for hours and hours. It was brilliant. That last picture I vividly remember being offered another drink to which I say Yes (obviously). James responds that I already have one and I very enthusiastically point out 'well, I've got TWO hands!'. At least I make myself laugh!

I'l leave it here with our Wedding day face in a hole! Just a bit of fun but I love this and also love all the pictures of our friends making use of it too. Reading this post before publishing really makes me reminisce on the day- I'd love to do it all again! Still to share are my absolute favourite portrait shots that were taken at the Cobb in Lyme Regis. They have a very different feel but I think they are beautiful! I may as well make the most of all this content so they will be on the next post! It gives me an excuse to keep crushing on my own wedding a bit longer. Sorry, I'm shameless, but its the only time I'm aloud!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Our wedding day

12th September 2015.



This week our wedding featured on Rock and Roll bride so you can pop on over and see all the pretty details we obsessed over for so long. I would love to include each and every shot our wonderful photographer provided us with but that would take well into the new year, and as much as I cherish them would perhaps bore everyone else. So here I have decided to share a select few, they ones that made us laugh and made us cry. These probably aren't the most narritive shots I could show but they give a little insight into the day that is really special.

Life as a mother is rarely glamorous! But being a bride for a day really is. Combine the two and you're playing pat-a-cake while having your eyeliner done. I could get used to that!

This face. I'm not proud to admit it came out a few times in the lead up to the wedding. This occasion caught so perfectly was when I learned that James had forgotten an usher-
'He can count to three can't he? I mean, 1, 2, 3, its not that hard! I don't know how I feel marrying a man who can't do that! 1, 2, 3!!' (while holding up three fingers!)

Oh and there's the groom! He may have forgotten to snip the ends of his flowers, but he's still the most handsome man in my eyes!

My favourite part of a wedding ceremony is the grooms face as the bride walks up the isle. This was one if the shots I wanted more than anything. By complete chance it was also the part of a wedding that our good friend wrote a poem about for one of our readings. The first image I love but its the best mans face that really cracks us up! The second shot is something I just adore. Its an expression I've seen on James an many occasions and one it really means a lot seeing it like this.

 Again, this shot is super special for us! My mum walked Elin down the isle and took care of her durign the ceremony. I love the composition of this image as you still see James, my Dad and me too. Elin also ate her order of service, the little monkey!

This capture is so brilliant. It had us laughing so much when we first got the images back! It doesn't even really need a caption except for the fact I love it so so so much!

Me and my Daddy! I didn't realise how special this day would feel between me and him but it really touches me when I look at the images of us two together. It felt even more poignant for James now that we have our own daughter.

Once again Chris pulls out some cracking faces! So thrilled by our photographers knack for timing!

And here's one of our little private moments before the reception began! I've got buckets more to share and talk about but this post really could turn into the length of the Harry Potter series. I'l be sharing a second post depicting our reception too but for now I best go chase my little rugrat! Like I said these don't tell the whole story but they do show a part of it that is very real and special.

Have a lovely day!

I feel like as life suddenly ramped up a gear writing and essentially any 'me' time took a major back seat. Its ironic really as these last few months is when I've probably had the most to say. Truth is there is never enough time for anything these days but I think its really really important to find some. And just a few moments a day typing and writing helps me gather my thoughts. I also found in this blogs very short life that it challenged me to see the best parts of every day. When your sleep deprived and most of the day my only company is a cat and a baby, it's really important to do that! So for that reason alone I really want to carry on documenting our daily lives. Plus, as I'm learning, things are changing quicker than imaginable, so having it all written down will hopefully help me remember it all too.

So where are we? Elin's just shy of her 8 month birth date! Shes got her first little tooth, with another fighting its way out, eats three meals a day, sleeps three minutes a night ;) and is currently crawling all over the place. She loves the laptop wires, the remote controls and my I-phone! Her favourite food is tomatoes and her favourite thing ever is Billy the cat. She can pull her self up and get into all sorts of mischief. Shes a lovely joyful monkey with a hell-of-a temper too!

And us? Well, September didn't disappoint! We had the most wonderful weekend in the world where we celebrated our wedding, followed by Elin's christening day. Along with a wonderful family honeymoon in beautiful Santorini, writing it all down its no wonder that blogging fell by the wayside. After all that excitement its silly really that I still got super into my favourite season! Carnivals, bonfire night, flaming tar barrels, haloween- I love this time of year! We tried our best to enjoy each of the festivities while not upsetting Elin's delicate routine too much. Who are we kidding? Routine is overrated anyway! And now Christmas is right around the corner and I truely can not wait! But just in case we didn't have enough on our hands we thought we'd throw in a little house move too! So this time next week we'll be getting the keys to 'the dairy' a quaint 1 bed (yes 1 bed!!) flat more central in the village. Its a beautiful spot and we're super excited to live so minimally. We wanna get saving and this is the way to do it, so any space saving tips welcomed! I can't wait to decorate and hopefully create an (albeit small) space that we can call home.

I really hope I can recap on some of these amazing things that happened this autumn here as it really was such a special time for our family. Its a perfect excuse to relive it all too! But I also have so many festive bits I can not wait to share too so expect it to be pretty busy on the blog to cram it all in!

What have you been up to? How have you celbrated this beautiful Autumn we've been blessed with? Or are we just eagerly awaiting Christmas?! I'd love to know!

Love, Us