Monday, 30 November 2015

Elin's Christening Day

My last few posts recapping our wedding were pretty picture happy and I'm afraid to say the next few posts will be too- depicting our honeymoon! I realise now just how many photos mean so much to me, and thinking how I'l narrow that down when getting some framed is a daunting task! But today at least, I'l keep it short and sweet and a little more about my musings than my camera happy self.

The day after our Wedding we had little Elin christened. It was alovely service followed by eating all the left overs from the wedding. It made sense to have it then as our family were already all here for it but I do also feel a little sad I couldn't have put a bit more thought into it for her. Oh well, I'l just make up for it with every birthday and christmas and half birthday etc etc!

During the christening I read a little piece I had written, but while writing it I realised just how much love I have for our daughter. I mean, I knew that any way of course but it really bought it home in a big way. I get these moments and look at her and just can not believe that she is mine. Like, I created her! The little madam who can seek out a tag/lable from a room away, who stares at strangers until she gets a smile, who claps when she gets frustrated with herself. That girl is MINE. Well ours, but still. We're responsible for raising her to be good and true. To grow her into a wonderful and kind person. To teach her right from wrong. Its pretty overwhelming to think about. I get to spend the better part of my life, all of my adult life really, being that sweet little pickles mummy. Theres nothing more amazing, more rewarding, more frustrating and more challenging than that!

I love you Elin, Oh yes I do!

Thank you for being my daughter :)

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