Friday, 4 December 2015

Santorini, Part 1

We took our honeymoon to the most beautiful island of Santorini. It was the most amazing week imaginable! Combine good food, breathtaking views, beautiful weather and the friendliest locals you would ever meet and throw in a baby who, wait for it, slept (for the last time apparently!) and we had ourselves the best time. It was the perfect break after a manic few weeks. As this week i'm devoting to recapping an entire season in our lives I'm whacking up our honeymoon shots in two pretty long posts (we did take WAYY to many). This a pretty picture happy post but filtering my photos definately isn't my strong point! I hope you enjoy looking!

Santorini, September 2015. Honeymoon and first family holiday,in pictures!

Here we are in Oia on our first night. Its pretty much the city you see on so many greek postcards. We drove here purely to get a tiny taste of the island and would spend more time exploring later on the trip. On our first night we couldn't believe just how familiar the place felt. And I couldn't believe how amazing Santorini was for fashion either! On a side note- I just love this face that Elin pulls when shes taking in new surroundings. Its the face she had the whole time in Paris and here too! I find it so adorable, as if she really can not believe her little eyes. 

I'm so glad that we choose to stay in a  Villa rather than a hotel. From my very limited experience travelling with our little one I'd definitely recommend it. The privacy meant that we could pop Elin down for a nap or to bed and still enjoy being outside, taking advantage of the hammock and pool. Had we been in a hotel we would have been restricted to the room. As it was so hot there we also stayed close to 'home' during the warmest part of the day so little miss could cool of in the air conditioned windmill or the pool. 

Here we took little Elin on a boat trip around the island. We got to swim in the mud baths and hot springs, go diving and see loads of fish which I LOVED and saw a unique view of the volcano. Elin was so welcomed it was wonderful. It also made me realise just how lucky we are. A 4 hour cruise with a baby with no way to dry land could be awful but our little pickle was a super star! We also started baby led weaning on this trip and she still adores tomatoes. She'll turn into one one day, I'm sure.

If you go to Santorini, GO TO A WINERY. It was brilliant. The wines were delicious and have given me a new found love of red. And the views of the Caldera and Volcano here are second to none. They say the sunset in Santorini is the best in the world and I can completely see why. Pictures just can not do it justice, but take my word for it- with my husband and baby, drinking good wine, listening to a greek woman singing and watching the sun go down, you can not get any better than that. Plus I took full advantage of the occasion and dressed us co-ordinated. As you do.

These really are some of my all time favourite photos we have of us. I'm feeling very grateful I packed white for us all ;) Pop back and see Santorini Part 2! It's a good thing Elin is keeping me on my toes otherwise these posts really would be going on for days. 

Have you ever been to Santorini? We already are desperate to go back with friends one day!

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