Wednesday, 9 December 2015

All Hallows Eve

Yes I know this post, like them all this week, is a tad late. But shes still scrummy as, and honestly I'v been waiting to put a pumpkin hat on my baby from the moment the test came back (+) shallow as that is! Mum knitted it for her and she looks completely delicious! I can't get enough of taking pictures of her, even though she may hate me a teeny bit when she's older. Sorry Elin, but you are too adorable!

James and I had fun carving these pumpkins and we cooked some of the flesh up so Elin could have a little taste which was fun too. I desperately wanted to visit a pumpkin patch and pick our own but as it was miles away James couldn't be persuaded. Next year maybe, when this monkey can persuade him too!

Even though Elin won't remember her first Halloween or pumpkin or any of these first that we're enjoying its still important for me to document it. I love looking back at my baby photos so I hope one day she'll love to see these too. Plus it helps us prioritize family time which is obviously a good thing. It would be easy to get stuck in a rut between work, bills, housework and just getting through each day in one piece. By taking these pictures and making the most of the season and each day really we get to spend time together being a bit silly and making memories for ourselves. There's nothing bad about any of that!

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