Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A very happy New Year to you!

As 2015 slips away I know without a doubt that it was the best year we could ever have wished for. We couldn't have had a bigger year and I feel so blessed to have gone through it all with James. We have been truely blessed with our daughter, a new home and a beautiful wedding we had dreamed of. Friendships have grown and grown as the people we love, fell madly in love with Elin. Its been really tough at times, but honestly, all the harder moments pale into insignificance when we look at what we do have. I know that I have grown and changed massively. Parenthood has tested and continues to challenge me daily but I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have such a healthy happy babe and a contented marriage with my best friend. I can only hope that next year lives up to this one, although we are both looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet for a while! We do have lots of plans for 2016 (some big, some small) which I hope I can share with you in this space too. So today I'm just recapping this last year with a photo for each month from it. The theme of the year is pretty obvious but it was fun to dig out old captures and see how much has changed, although keeping it to only one shot was a challenge!













We will be spending a quiet New years eve with each other in our home, with good food and wine. I hope that whatever you get up too, you see in the New year with loved ones. 

The New year always brings an element of change, of hope, which is no bad thing. But its also good to recognize all the wonderful things we are taking with us into the next calendar. Family, friends, children,a loving home, good health and a positive outlook are priceless and it is those things I'd like to hold on to and resolve to keep throughout 2016. 

I'l take this chance to wish everyone a beautiful end to this year and a happy and healthy New year too. I hope that 2016 will live up to any and all expectations and we can all continue to grow and to love as fully as we are able. 

Love, Us.

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