Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter beach!

Sunday is always a family day for us. No matter where we're both working or whats going on in our lives we have always made a conservative effort to allow for traditional family Sundays. James has been working ridiculously over December, plus the move, and we haven't had a huge amount of spare time so this week we knew we wanted to do something really festive and family orientated to get us in the Christmas spirit. In the end we decided to head down to Weymouth for the great Santa race! It is exactly as it sounds; hundreds of people dressed as Santa take part in a 5K across the beach. The weather turned out to be beautiful and watching 200 odd Santas hanging out on a lovely sunny beach was really something. It was pretty surreal to keep spotting Santas at every turn, like some Christmas version of Wheres Wally. While I didn't get photos of the race itself (we were eating along the sea front at that point and food took president! I mean food is seriously important ;)), I am in love with some of the shots we got of our Elin!

Even though we live so close to the beach, Elin has never actually been let loose of a lovely white sand beach before today. The weather turned as she started crawling and we are local to much more pebbly beaches. As it was so lovely this day and shes forever fighting to crawl and move if we hold her still for even a moment, she had a little adventure while we ate. It was lovely to see her crawling and rolling n the sand, and I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't once try to put it in her mouth either! Made my job a  little easier. We get quite a lot of stick for letting her crawl on the floor or ground, or this case the beach. I know they probably aren't the most hygienic but I am a big believer that a few germs won't hurt. I'm hoping shes building herself a cracking immune system with all this. Plus, I never want to stop her exploring. Its how they learn and I feel its my job to really encourage that. Plus it gives my arms a break too! Shes her happiest when she has loads of free space to move and play, and happy baby means happy mummy. Even if she is playing on a beach in the middle of December.
(PS, in the background you'll spot some running Santas! How cool is it that on this day that was standard?!)

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I almost prefer beaches this time of year than the summer. Where we live they get so ridiculously crowded with tourists so its actually lovely come October when, yes it colder, but they become ours again. I love a good bit of winter sunshine and a walk down the beach totally blows away the cobwebs and is so refreshing. Today was certainly one of those days.

Also, I have to admit I'm strictly an Auto girl when it comes to photographs. I'd love to learn how to actually use my camera. But for now I'm stuck on Auto. But I did love yesterdays shots as we were so blessed with beautiful sunshine! That was a great bonus and made these captures a bit better than I can usually do!

Now this first image may well be my new favourite of James and Elin. I love it so much- her looking cheeky as ever and personally I think James is looking pretty handsome too! These two people are my whole world and I just can't get enough of them both. James is an exceptional Dad to Elin; his patience is incredible, far beyond my own and he is always striving to be better. I can't imagine anyone better for starting parenthood with. Its a huge learning curve but he makes it look effortless. And for his troubles he's made a complete Daddy's girl out of Elin! Mummy's completely boring compared to super Dad here and I can totally see that theme cropping up throughout her childhood.

Even though i've said so many times how Elin is indeed such a Daddy's girl, I do like to think we have  pretty special bond too. Honestly, we're always together; Elin comes with me. Whatever that is we make a pretty good team her and I, and I really hope and pray it continues like that as she grows.

Anyone else check out the Santa run this year? I really enjoyed it. The combination of Father Christmas, good weather, beach food and family really put me in the Christmas spirit just in time for Christmas week. Plus its such a surreal event it just puts a smile on your face no matter what! I'd love to see what you've been up to? Anythings kick start the festivities for you?

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