Monday, 14 December 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

James and I always go to our local Christmas tree farm (farm? Valley? Field? not sure, but I'l stick with farm) to cut down our own tree. I didn't have a real tree growing up and I think I'v romanticized it a little but I always wanted to make a tradition out of picking your own tree. The sort where you all bundle up super warm and trudge through the countryside eyeing up the greenest and the fullest and the biggest tree there is before the guy chops it down like a cave man. I knew that was something I'd do when I started my own family, and I'm so glad we've started that tradition as its practically a dream of mine at this point.

This place has changed a lot since last year and they now have a lovely little wooden hut with an adorable little fireplace where you pay so its even more idyllic. The family who run it are wonderful too, doing it in memory of the Dad/ husband who had had this vision for so long but passed 2 years ago. His pictures hanging by the fireplace! I'm not sure why this place resonates so much with me but I absolutely love it and for me it really is the only way to get the Christmas tree! I loved taking Elin, being outside in the fresh air just felt so festive too and the smell of Christmas trees are like heaven. I will say though, the trees all look a lot smaller out in the valley compared to in the living room!

Picking out and cutting the tree obviously harbors some romantic image for me that I can't really place but it makes me feel all warm and mushy so I won't let that be dampened! Talking of warm and gushy. These two? My god they are the cutest. I'm a tad jealous because our little monkey really only has eyes for her Daddy, but it's also the most heart warming thing. Shes got a smile she reserves just for him and they are so funny together; a right little duo. When he comes to collect us after a baby group she'll clock him from across the room, clap her hands and crawl towards him, ploughing through a lot of toys and potential distractions, but she'll be determined to get to him and outstretch her arms for a cuddle! It makes James feel like bloody bees knees. But I guess thats little girls and their Daddy's right?!

My little Michelin (wo)man! This snowsuit was one of the very few items we treated ourselves to during my pregnancy last year. Its so colourful and fluffy I wish they made them in grown up sizes! Admittedly its a little big for her but she looks so damn cute and toasty that hardly matters. Winter clothes on babies really are the best.

We picked out a lovely little tree and had such a lovely day together. What are your traditions? Anyone else cut their own tree like this? Care to explain why it means so damn much to me? Have a happy week everyone!

Love, Us

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