Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bringing Christmas home

Obviously I've gushed about how important picking our tree is as part of a traditional Lathey Christmas but we have a few traditions when it comes to the decorating too. Nothing too out there but certain things have to be done! Like decorating while listening to Michael Buble, obviously.

We buy a new decoration each year, something that represents the major events of the year (a gingerbread house for moving house, a stalk for pregnancy, you get the gist) or we pick up a decoration when we travel somewhere new. I love the idea when we're all old every single decoration will be special and meaningful with a story behind. I just imagine telling our grandchildren the back story to them all and reminiscing ourselves about the things we got up to and the places we saw. Its cheesy I know, but Christmas is the time for a bit of cheese!

A ginger bread lady with a baby bump? We found this last year and I can not think of anything more amazing! Its extra lovely as Christmas was the time I really loved my bump, no idea why but December for me was the best time to be sporting a baby bump and I had so much extra bump loving! So finding this little gem was clearly fate.

These are a few of our special decorations; baby bootie ice skates, something made for us for Elin's christening, our 'The Lathey's' family of elves, which is pretty perfect for our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs Lathey, and a little Greek church we picked up from Santorini. 

She is just the most beautiful little helper there ever was! And a helper looking more and more like her Daddy every day. I'm so excited for years when she'll be choosing the decorations, where they  and how our tree should look. The years of different Christmas themes and colour schemes are over and I can not wait for the next thing- trees decorated by kids! In all there colourful, decorations only half up, tinsle mess and homespun glory that they are! Bring. it. on.

Love us

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