Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Lathey family Christmas!

Okay, so considering we got the keys to our new place on the 1st of December my excitement for Christmas has been slightly overshadowed by an endless string of moving boxes and all the stress a house move plus a crawling, climbing 8 month old entails. However, I think its safe to say our first Christmas as three is well underway after a trip up to the Bath Christmas markets. I love everything that December has to offer especially the romance of a good old fashioned Christmas street market. (Especially the sort that serves cotton candy vodka!) There's something so lovely about kicking off the festive season checking out homemade gifts all arranged in little Nordic style huts while sampling SO MUCH CHEESE and drinking mullled wine while listening to carolers. Its ridiculously cute and okay all the markets are a bit same-y but its perfect and I won't ever let myself be disenchanted from all that!

As well as this being our sweet baby girl's first ever Christmas(!!!), its also my first as Mrs Lathey! That's pretty exciting too. We've had a hell of a year, a baby, a wedding and finishing off with a quick house move for good measure. Admittedly it has gotten stressful at times but its lovely to finish the year in our lovely little home focusing on the important things. Each other. And starting many traditions that I'm sure will stick with us well into the future. I love this family of mine, no matter how crazy life can get I will always try and focus on the fun that we have together and the love that we share. Happy Decmber everyone! Lets make this Christmas beautiful!

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