Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year, world.

So, I'm not a huge fan of big resolutions for New Years. I'm one of those that believe if you really want to make a change in your life, don't wait for a date in the calender to do it, just you know, do it. I also set pretty mad goals for myself too which i very rarely adhere too and that just starts the year of as a failure which isn't the sort of negativity anyone needs. Having said all that, a few things have cropped up that I'd like to put into motion in the New Year and perhaps by writing them all down, I'l be more inclined to follow them up. So here they are.


I'm not talking Elin's routine, shes one of these creatures to which routine is a fantasy. I try to be very baby led and so far no routine or even sort of routine has developed which I'm actually alright with. It really doesn't bother me if she goes to bed at 6 o clock or 10 o clock, she lets me now what she needs and when, and while I did fight for a while to get us on a better track routine wise, it stressed us all out no end and actually didn't help Elin in the slightest. I much prefer going with the flow, following her lead.
When I say Routine I more mean my own. There will be some days that I don't get dressed until dinner time, or have any hot food until after Elin is in bed. Its really easy to have gone through the day focusing so much on the little people that your own needs aren't even half met.
I think if I made a conservative effort to get myself dressed and a little made up, eat well and just have a bit more structure in MY day, I would feel more fulfilled by the end of it.

Fresh air.

I touched on it above, but as some days I barely get dressed, those days I also don't go outside. Elin is just like me and gets really fractious if she's between four walls for too long, so shaking things up with a brisk walk will keep us both a little grounded. Its tough when you realsie your only human contact for days is actually your baby, so just by getting out you meet and talk to others and it stimulates me so much. Its healthy for us both, and I'd like to include that more into every day, even if I'm not in the mood.

Me time.

Since Elin was born I can count on one hand the amount of times we have been apart. And 95% of those times was for work. I wouldn't change this, I know that we have a beautiful bond because of it, and it helps our breastfeeding relationship too. However, somewhere along the line Elin changed from being a helpless new born to a social 9 month old. I barely noticed this change, you don't when its your own kid, for its as gradual as the tides. But all of a sudden I looked at her and shes this real little person and actually really independant. Obviously she still needs mum, but she doesn't need mum 24/7 either. And whats more, a content and fulfilled mum better still. Realizing this, we decided that every Thursday like clockwork, Elin would go to my Mums for the morning. Just three hours, but I could do as I wish for those three hours. Whether it be blitz the house, have a manicure, catch up with friends or just sleep in, it will be my time away from the responsibility of motherhood. I want to use those three hours to achieve something other than raising my baby, we all feel its a healthy move on my part.  I feel as though I've earned it, and my mum will love it too. Plus if it works out, it can stick and become an Elin and Granny day where they can get up to all sorts.

Elin and Me time still counts.

I realized that when Daddy is working, I don't make an attempt to do something special. Obviously I like to do things as a family, but thats pretty limeting, I mean, James does have to work! I only ever take my camera out when its all of us and never would Elin and I bother going anywhere new if it were just us too. This will have to change when she gets bigger so I'd quite like to make the change now. There's no reason Elin and I can't go exploring and photographing when its just the two of us, in fact there's even more reason too in some ways. It should help me keep to some of my other resolutions too!

And finally, '365 happy days'

This is the one which will take more dedication every day and not just a general change. I have always been interested in happy days or 30 day challenge or that sort of thing, not from the social media side but from the idea of focusing on something positive every day. That can only be a good thing. So, every day in 2016 I will be taking at least one photo. I mean I always have my phone on me or my proper camera so its not really that hard. I'l be capturing anything that makes me happy, makes me think, an object, a person, a memory. The idea is by the end of the year i'l have 365 memories that otherwise might have been forotten about. I'v always said this blog was born mostly to remember more and encourage me to see things differently and realise just how much I have to be happy about. This idea is just an extension of that. While I won't post these pics every day, at the end of the week I plan to do a round up of the last 7 days, so keep your eyes peeled! I'm hoping its a really positive challenge for me.

All of these resolutions as such are really just ideas to help me be the best version of myself, to be a better more patient mother and a better wife. I hope they challenge me but also open up opertunities and creativity.What are your resolutions this year? I'm open to more ideas all the time!

Happy 2016, folks!

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