Friday, 8 January 2016

London, Baby! Part 2

After my last post ran unexpectedly long, and Elin started needing me to focus on her a bit more, I needed a second post to finish up about our London trip! So this is just that, London, day 2! I took way fewer pics today as we were a lot more tired, but I still thought I'd share these here, too.

We took Miss to the science museum. It was free, with lots of space to crawl and play, and indoors and warm (unlike somewhere like a zoo, for instance). She loved this area full of toys and sensory games and had a blast. There were lots of older kids but Elin really isn't phased by them and gives as good as she gets which is great. As always, she won't remember but I love to watch her explore things. It was perfect for that, here, as it was so geared up for kids of all ages. I love seeing the curiosity on her little face as she discovers something new and exciting.Hopefully we can take her back when shes older and can appreciate it all a bit more, but for now, she still had some brilliant play time which can't be grumbled at.

James is a massive fan of sushi, so am I, but he takes it to a new level. We were both so excited for Elin to try it for the first time. Plus the high chairs in YO! sushi are really cool too. This baby led weaning thing has been so much fun and watching Elin explore her food is part of the beauty. I'm not sure much of the sushi got actually eaten but it was touched, smelt, tasted and chewed which are four pretty good steps if you ask me! It must be so strange to try these new and amazing foods but I hope one day she'll be loving sushi with us, and this is how to start her! She did, however, demolish their fruit salad so she was a happy diner!

We then decided to take Elin to Hamleys toy store. Both James and I are just big kids really so we enjoyed it here too, and once again it was so interactive for Elin even at her diddy age. If your in London with kids this place is a must. Even if you don't buy its a lovely experience for the littles and it really does transport them into such a fantastic world. These are memories I can't wait to make when Elin grows up a little bit. I just want her childhood to be magical, not with lots of things necessarily, but priceless memories together. So we're starting a little young, so what?

I realize that the second day we took far fewer pictures. This was mainly as James was in charge of the camera and he is far less snap happy then me,but also because I managed to get a bit of sales shopping in too! That was such a good treat! The next time we get up to the city it will be just the two of us (!!!!) to enjoy James Christmas present- a walk over the O2. We're so excited for this; but there really is nothing like showing off our little girl in the city. She really does love being in new places and seeing lots of people so it was such a positive trip. We also got some time together as a family without pressures of work and the unintentional stress of the festive season. 

What do you do when in the city? Any tips for things we can do for a 'grown-up' trip up later this year? We're always on the look out for interesting haunts or the best places to eat. I'd love to hear!

Love, Us.

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