Sunday, 17 January 2016

Love life outside!

As part of my resolution to get out in the fresh air more often I thought I'd share these shots today,, from the most beautiful evening at the beach last night! We went out for a walk while dinner was in the oven and happened upon an incredible sunset. It literally took my breath away. I felt so blessed and appreciated going out at that point so much. Here are a few photos we took while we were there.

It was literally one of those perfect moments that the elements came together to give us all a little boost and just make me super grateful four our life. Cheesy I now, but it was such a good evening!

Just stopping for some milkies to warm her up! Ps, I now shes not in a coat- she was in the wrap most of the time so was nice and toasty, just with slightly rosy cheeks!

It was one of those lovely evenings where if you looked one way it was dusk with the moon above you, and you look another way and the sun was thowing the nicest light onto everything. Pictures just don't do that justice. The sea was also so calm and clear.

I mean, seriously, how beautiful is this view? As i'm getting older I'm appreciating things like that more and more and a picture perfect sunset actually made me so happy after a fairly ordinary day. Being with my people and having nothing really to do was a really lovely feeling. Sometimes having no real plans scares me, but sometimes, like this night, it makes me feel exceptionally content with life. I could've sat here for so long, but sitting still with a baby is pretty rare these days!

How much do I love these two? Seeing James as the most wonderfully Daddy makes my heart swell and I am so proud of both of them. I'm a massive stress head so taking time like this with the people I love grounds me like nothing else.

I shared this last photo on instagram this week with the tag #lovelifeoutside and the lovely Alison from Anniebobs featured us. Check out and join in with the hash tag if your like me and thrive in the outdoors! I can't stand being between four walls and like me, Elin is like a wild animal even at this age. We need to be out and about to keep both our sanity. Its also good to distract me from the continuous stream of housework piling up! There's lots of inspiration if you look up that tag and maybe it will encourage you to get out and enjoy the beauty we have all around us too. You can also see her weekly round up on her blog, here

Previewing this post I realize just how glad a night like this made me. It was definitely what I needed even if I didn't realize that I needed it. So I'm gonna add to my resolutions and say we need to watch a sunset (or sunrise if I'm feeling really optimistic) at least once a week! It refreshed me like nothing else, which you can probably tell from reading this!

Happy Sunday everyone! Have a brilliant week ahead, 

Love, Us

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