Thursday, 7 January 2016

The little things. 1

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be trying to capture a photo a day for a year of something that makes me happy and brings a bit of joy to the day. Turns out I suck at it. In the first week I'm ashamed to say I captured a classic OOTD shot, a legs in the bubble bath pic and then the oh so original starbucks coffee cup. None of these made the final cut, but I'l admit it was a bit harder than I planned. However, here's my round-up of the last 7 happy days.

I started this challenge as I strongly believe there is something positive in each and every day, no matter how fleeting. After the longest night of my life in a&e this week, with a very poorly Elin egg, I was reminded of this even more so. I am exceptionally lucky and my life is blessed for so many reasons. I am even more grateful for this picture idea, challenging me to see the joy even on the toughest of days. Thankfully Elin is fine, but she did give us a real scare. Seeing her smile this morning after such a difficult time was the greatest pleasure of all.

I hope you have all had a blessed start to 2016, and have a good weekend too!

Love, Us

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