Monday, 25 January 2016

Lulworth Cove and Durdle door

As a Christmas present to ourselves, we bought ourselves a tula! I've been coveting one since we outgrew our solly wrap and finally caved in. And oh my, I love it! And Elin loves it, just look at that face^ We decided to pop over to Durdle door for an excuse to use it, and also take in some of the great outdoors. It was a seriously misty day, but actually all that mist *just* burnt off when we took the decent to the beach and we actually had really beautiful weather for it. It was so refreshing. Theres nothing like a bit of January sunshine, if you ask me!

So here are some shots from our less than lazy Sunday!

Durdle door is really amazing. We are so lucky to live so near such an amazing piece of natural beauty. I'v only been twice before but it always makes me so impressed. We want to one day kayak or swim beneath the 'door' just to say that we have. We'll have to wait for Elin to grow up a bit though, for that.

I really do love this carrier! I'm so excited by it. Plus the colours and pattern are really cool and fun, and its so comfty. I could have forgotton she was there. But then again, we switched so James was the one carrying her back up that hill. If you've been there, you'll understand why we switched ;)

This little miss is teething big time. 4 top teeth in 10 days, makes for a very tired mumma. She's also clearly got her molars on the move too. These nubby keys have been a god send, sent by her god father, ironically. She later fell asleep in the tula but carried them the entire way to lulworth which was pretty cute. 

These first two shots James caught when I didn't realise. I love how happy I look because it really was such a candid moment. And then the shot there of us three, well; Elin's new favourite thing in the entire world is playing human peekaboo. James ducks behind me, jumps out, she squeals with joy, and this goes on and on. But its so adorable and cute we don't mind at all, obviously! 

And then we've got Elin's first pair of converses. Every mumma secretly wants a little mini me right? Her Auntie bought these when she was born and they finally fit. Literally there is nothing cuter than a baby in converses. The fact that she's able to walk in her walker and sofa surf in them is just amazing.

And again, James getting camera happy without my knowing. I'm rubbing off on him more and more by the day. I love that he takes pictures of me nursing now too, he totally gets that I want to cherish those moments. 

Family selfie, just as Elin starts hitting the snooze button!

After messing about on the beach we walked back up and took the paths over to Lulworth. Every time we get out and go walking I say we need to do it more. And we really do! I felt so good afterwards, full of fresh air and happy feelings. We said we'd invest in walking boots, because converse and James nice Topman shoes possibly weren't the best choice of footwear. It was still lovely none the less. And with Elin soundo up there it was almost as though we were dating again, like when we first met. We held hands and were silly and for half an hour were just a couple and not parents. Is it wrong to say that? 

Lulworth cove is really lovely too. Its so tranquil there, the waters are amazingly clear and the air was extra crisp. Its definitely worth seeing and again I'd love to get the kayaks out down there. We watched other families playing in the water, skipping pebbles and I know we were both imagining how we'll be in a few years from now. I can't wait to teach Elin all about nature and show her places like this- although I need to brush up on my geography a bit first. I really want to teach her through experience and give her  a childhood packed with amazing memories. So, hopefully we can spend a lot more time here, swimming or picnicing or whatever. 

Anyone else love Lulworth and the door? We really are so lucky living on such an amazing stretch of the coast. People travel thousands of miles to see view like this, so it would be wasted if we didn't get out there a little. We had so much fun together.Have you any photos to share of the cove? I'd love to see!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, 

Love, Us.

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