Tuesday, 5 January 2016

London, Baby!

We thought we'd treat ourselves this January with two nights up in London. It served a dual purpose as my brother in-law was flying into Heathrow having spent Christmas and new years in New Orleans and Miami (!!!!), so needed a lift home. But we also just really wanted to get away ourselves too! So we drove up and treated ourselves in the city. Here are some pictures of what we got up too!

Our first stop was London Zoo. The weather was pretty awful but it was still so much fun. And imagine how happy I was when I donned this poncho and adapted it for baby wearing. I mean, every mumma needs a baby-wearing-water-proof-poncho, right?

As already stated and apparent from the first pic, the rain was trying pretty hard to stop play. Because of this we spent a lot of time in the indoor parts including the aquarium (plus the reptile house and big world). I've always loved going to the aquarium, as a kid and now as an adult, so loved taking Elin to her first. I hope to take her to London's Aquarium along the embankment one day but this was a good taster! She loved all the pretty colours and the movements; her eyes could not have been wider.

We also found Nemo. Just sayin'.

Can't lie, this picture definitely hits me in my heart! That smile? Oh, she is just so cute. Because the trip was a bit impromptu we almost didn't have a carrier or wrap to use. (we've outgrown the solly and our Tula is on its way, and not for anything would I be brave enough to use the pram on the underground). Luckily we managed to borrow this one. Its a Maduca, which was actually so good and too comfortable. At times we even forgot she was there and it felt more as though James and I were having a date day. She had prime position to check out all of London from up there.

This whole trip was basically glorified sensory play for Elin, but when she gives me a smile like that, its so worth it. Shes a bit of a tart, our Elin, always smiling and laughing at her reflection so when we put her in the mirrored area, she was full of sheer joy. Dozens of Elins, what more could we want?

Standard selfie while walking through Regents park. I haven't been here before but its a lovely little (in that its not little in the slightest) park, away from the busyness of the city. I loved this long walk while Elin napped, and it was nice to waste a bit of time with James.

 THIS FACE, THIS FACE, THIS FACE!! ^^^ She clearly found the menu bloody brilliant!

In keeping with the theme of the morning, we decided to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe in Leister Square. It was a brilliant experience! Honestly, if you have kids, or even if you don't, you need to go as its really wonderful. I expected the food to be a bit 'okay' because so much thought goes into the decor but actually we ate really well. Three starters and sides filled us all up as the poritons are MASSIVE. Elin also tried her first rib. Which James has been waiting to capture since we began baby led weaning last year. So they were both happy! If you go, they're cheesy garlic mashed potato is heavenly. It takes a lot for me to choose mash over chips or fries, but boy, was this worth it.

In typical tourist fashion I got this shot while on the tube. Even on the tube this girl was full of beans, unlike most other passengers. For people who looked up from their I-phones I think she brightened their day. I say it all the time, but THAT FACE. That smile. Its magic.

Mumma got some baby wearin' time too! Love having her as a part of me, where she belongs.

Its only while putting together this post I realise just how many photos we took (again!). While I wasn't as camera happy on day two, I'm gonna leave this here for now! So pop back tomorrow for more of our adventures in the city.

Its lovely to get away even for a short break and especially as January is such a bleak and boring month. It was nice to make the most some family time. Its also extra special as Elin just thrives in new and different places. So we get a happy bubbly baby and a break away. Total win win.

I hope the beginnings of the New year are treating you kindly, whatever you are up too!

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