Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I feel like as life suddenly ramped up a gear writing and essentially any 'me' time took a major back seat. Its ironic really as these last few months is when I've probably had the most to say. Truth is there is never enough time for anything these days but I think its really really important to find some. And just a few moments a day typing and writing helps me gather my thoughts. I also found in this blogs very short life that it challenged me to see the best parts of every day. When your sleep deprived and most of the day my only company is a cat and a baby, it's really important to do that! So for that reason alone I really want to carry on documenting our daily lives. Plus, as I'm learning, things are changing quicker than imaginable, so having it all written down will hopefully help me remember it all too.

So where are we? Elin's just shy of her 8 month birth date! Shes got her first little tooth, with another fighting its way out, eats three meals a day, sleeps three minutes a night ;) and is currently crawling all over the place. She loves the laptop wires, the remote controls and my I-phone! Her favourite food is tomatoes and her favourite thing ever is Billy the cat. She can pull her self up and get into all sorts of mischief. Shes a lovely joyful monkey with a hell-of-a temper too!

And us? Well, September didn't disappoint! We had the most wonderful weekend in the world where we celebrated our wedding, followed by Elin's christening day. Along with a wonderful family honeymoon in beautiful Santorini, writing it all down its no wonder that blogging fell by the wayside. After all that excitement its silly really that I still got super into my favourite season! Carnivals, bonfire night, flaming tar barrels, haloween- I love this time of year! We tried our best to enjoy each of the festivities while not upsetting Elin's delicate routine too much. Who are we kidding? Routine is overrated anyway! And now Christmas is right around the corner and I truely can not wait! But just in case we didn't have enough on our hands we thought we'd throw in a little house move too! So this time next week we'll be getting the keys to 'the dairy' a quaint 1 bed (yes 1 bed!!) flat more central in the village. Its a beautiful spot and we're super excited to live so minimally. We wanna get saving and this is the way to do it, so any space saving tips welcomed! I can't wait to decorate and hopefully create an (albeit small) space that we can call home.

I really hope I can recap on some of these amazing things that happened this autumn here as it really was such a special time for our family. Its a perfect excuse to relive it all too! But I also have so many festive bits I can not wait to share too so expect it to be pretty busy on the blog to cram it all in!

What have you been up to? How have you celbrated this beautiful Autumn we've been blessed with? Or are we just eagerly awaiting Christmas?! I'd love to know!

Love, Us

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