Thursday, 2 July 2015

Strawberry pickin'

The suns been really hotting up over here this week, and in typical British style everyone's complaining about it! It i proving pretty tricky with a little 'un I have to confess. Little Elin's spent most of the week naked and loving life running free, so to speak! Although this does mean shes peed on the bed on more than one occasion- always my side. Why?! With her feeding more regularly and clothes becoming less and less appropriate, it ha been harder to get out and about. But we've had some cracking times when we have!

I've always had this image of raising my family and starting certain traditions. One of them is strawberry picking! We live close to Ford abbey who have a petty impressive strawberry patch, as well as a whole host of other summer fruits, and as it transpires some stunning corn fields that were a beautiful photo opportunity! I have always wanted to take my children there, teaching them about the fruits of the earth and letting them run free in a safe environment. While Elin is obviously too young to do any of that, and the poor might has yet to even experience the delight of the strawberry, I still felt we had to do it this summer, just for our own enjoyment at the very least. And considering Elin's strawberry hat and dress are getting increasingly small on her we though sooner rather than later would be best. So we had an early morning amble through the strawberry fields last week!

We had a fab morning as a family, and even though Elin won't remember I know I will! And there's no harm starting these traditions early right? It makes me really excited for next year to have our little one running around and picking the fruit herself. It really is incredible this whole growing up melarky! I think of how much our little one has to experience, to taste, to enjoy in the next months and years and feel so excited it makes me tear up. But i'l blame that on my hormones i think!

Do you have any traditions with your little ones once the sun comes out? And how are you handling the heat? I'd love to hear stories and see your pictures :)

Have a lovely day, Tess

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