Thursday, 11 June 2015

Baby walkin'

During our pregnancy James and I guenuinly considered not even buying a pram. We both felt a baby sling/wrap/carrier would just suit us so much better. In the end I just wasn't brave enough to say to people we wouldn't be using one and picked up a second hand one for £35 to keep other peoples scepticism at bay. I think we've used it twice. So its fortunate we spent more money on our absolute favourite baby item- the solly wrap!

Elin had her first outing in it when she was a diddy five day old! Can I just take a minute to appriciate just how tiny she was?

James and I had a jolly good argument over who would get to 'wear' her first. As you can see, he won! But from then on we were all three hooked. Firstly Elin's daddy really feels like the most super cool dad in the world wearing this. But more importantly its such a lovely feeling having her so close, and bloody lovely to go hands free.

Our little egg has slept soundly through many a game of pool, darts and even skittles-that girl really is a pub-goer even if she doesn't realise yet!. Elin feels so safe and relaxed she's instantly settled. And now that she's awake a lot more she loves to watch what's going on.

I honestly don't know what we'd do without it and I'm already feeling sad for when she's too big for it. I couldn't bear it if our 'baby-wearing' days were over when she gets bigger. Enter Sakura Bloom, a beauty of a ring sling i've got my eye on next! Our experience with the solly wrap really goes to show you just have to find what works for you, regardless what anyone else makes of it.

And just a little mental note for the future (like, wayyy in the future) the solly dolly wrap really is just too cute. Just picturing Elin as a cutie little four year old wearing her teddy bear and me wearing her baby brother or sister actually makes me melt. I don't know if I can handle that much cuteness. Or Elin as a 4 year old. Or more children. But anyway, back to the here and now.

Last note, if you're planning on using a wrap like this just be prepared to have stop to talk to practically every passer by because these things just hypnotise people. And if the daddy wants to do the wearin' be ready for single women everywhere to nearly fall at his feet, because it really is the yummiest thing ever seeing a proud daddy wearing his newborn baba. Obviously I am bias, but you cant't help notice these things!

I'm certain you'll be seeing this wrap crop up in so many posts, but it really has been such a life save I felt it deserves a post of its own. Is there any one item you found made this whole parenting thing easier? Do share, I'm all ears!

Love, Tess

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