Saturday, 18 July 2015

Paris Baby!

As you'l have seen over on instagram this week, we were lucky enough to take our little squidge to the French capital. Thats right, our little girl had her passport to Paris!

 Elin's uncle completed a charity cycle ride from London to Paris and what better excuse did we need? We took a drive down to Dover, ferry ride ad more driving to get to the finish line before Uncle Matt! As we were cutting it pretty fine and the cycling team set off almost three
hour earlier then planned it really did feel like an episode of top gear getting to the trocadero before the cyclists! But we made it, with a nappy change to spare!

While James and I are no stranger to l-o-o-o-o-ng journeys (2000 mile road trip through Europe in my first trimester anyone?) I was pretty anxious about the journey with regards to little Elin. However we're super keen to not have to give up travelling despite being parents and this was a great start. Plus this little girl of our is gonna be a super baby explorer and visit some cracking places in her childhood. What better start than Paris? Though she'll never remember, it was a wonderful trip for us. I came away exceptionally proud of our little egg who was an absolute star! We got ridiculously lucky having a baby who is so amenable and we made the most of it that weekend.

It was stupidly hot in Paris and Elin bless her spent the weekend wondering around the capital in her sun hat, nappy, knickers (an essential!) and a cool muslin around her shoulders. I'd packed a good dozen outfits for her but in that heat the best thing she wore was her sun cream. We also gave her lots of nappy off time every time we rested and I will have to tell her when shes older how she's had her lady bits out all over Paris! She was also a big fan of fine dining, enjoying a boob at some of Europe's biggest most famous landmarks! Nothing like lunch with a view, right ;)

I'm lucky enough to have spent a good amount of time in Paris on various trips throughout the last few years and feel like I'v seen quite a bit. So rather than struggling to cram everything in we more or less just enjoyed each others company in the presence of some pretty spectacular architecture. We took in the Eiffel tower, the louvre and Notre Damn, took beautiful long walks through some parisian parks and past fountains and spent the evening ambling along the Seine. It was a pretty relaxed trip by our standards but that worked really well for our family. And relaxing in Paris is already a thousand times more exciting than back in the UK.

You'll notice in pretty much all the photos Elin has her tongue out! She's just discovered it and apparently having it waggling is just the most fun thing ever. I can't blame her. If you realied you had this thing in your mouth for the first time you'd be pretty keen to show it off too! I sort of think its adorable. Even though since being a mummy I'v put far more thought into Elin's outfits than my own I still wanted to look somewhat pulled together. I had to pack pretty light but really enjoed wearing these pieces, which felt a little Parisian in their own right.

Elin's next big adventure will be to Santorini for our honeymoon, and even though she'll be that much older and everything will have changed and be a totally different ball game, this weekend trip does give me some more confidence! Where have you taken you babies? Any trips you've learned along the way? I'd love to share some stories.

Love, Tess

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