Thursday, 2 July 2015

On Father's day we had a wonderful first meeting with the photographer who'l be shooting our wedding in September! We traveled down to Dawlish and took some test photos which we were so incredibly excited to get back this week. We were lucky enough to come second place in a competition with Andreea of Vevi photography and Rock and Roll bride to win a full days wedding coverage and engagement shoot for a fraction of the price. It was pretty nerve racking meeting her for the first time but on working together and seeing the end result we just know that she's worth every penny and then some! We are in love with these shots and Andreea's relaxed and laid back manner, plus her creativity make us even more excited to see what she can do on the wedding day itself. Here a few of those images that are so special to us!

Obviously, we couldn't have a shoot without enjoying some portrait shots with our Elin as well. She really was a star for them, with the exception of one very explosive nappy (I didn't really want her in that dress anyway!) and these beautiful images of our family mean so much to me. I can't thank Andreea enough and feel honored to have her photographing our wedding. So a massive thankyou to her, and Rock and Roll bride for this fab competition! You'll make our wedding that bit more special, and we all can not wait!

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