Thursday, 2 July 2015


We're lucky enough to have the ocean within a stones throw of our home. I can't tell you how happy that makes me thinking of Elin's childhood. Still in a heat wave at our end we've not been able to really enjoy the beach as much as we'd like. But a beautiful stroll in the afternoon, parasol in hand never hurt anybody!

Her face! This little face honestly melts my heart! I get these moments where I look at her and just can not believe just how much I love her. She really does make everyday that little bit more wonderful.

And as for these two perfect people together? There really is nothing like seeing the man you love, love his daughter so completely. I see his love for her fill him up every day and nothing even comes close in my eyes. I am ridiculously proud of them both!

I hadn't planned on wearing these shorts, but when I put Elin in blue polka dot cullots, and realized how perfectly my own pair worked with hers, it was a no brainer! I'm thoroughly enjoying dressing us in matchy matchy outfits while shes just a baby, because I'm fairly certain when she's older dressing like her mumma will be just the most uncool thing ever!

We don't get photos of all three of us all that often, and then they are mostly selfies! Nothing wrong with a good selfie, but when a lovely couple stopped and insisted on photographing us three it was very kind. I love our family infinate amounts so photos of us all are the best memories. Thank you lovely couple!

With kys this blue you really would think we were abroad! So blessed to live here and enjoy time a a family. How are you enjoying summer? I'd love to hear!

Tess X

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