Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Will you be my pancake, this pancake day?

I must confess, we in the Lathey house hold are guilty of enjoying pancakes for random reasons such as 'I have the morning off work' or 'I had an odd number of eggs left over' or more accurately- 'I want a bloody pancake!' But we still felt obligated to whip a batch up for Shrove Tuesday, none the less. And seriously, these were SO DAMN GOOD. I'm usually a strictly traditional gal, lemon and sugar ALL THE WAY, but as this was actually Pancake day, I thought we'd get a little fancy instead! And oh my, I really am a bit proud of my cooking ability after these.

So that's raspberry, nutella and chantilly cream pancakes, and banana, blueberry and butterscotch pancakes! James and I literally demolished these in under three minutes. We made Elin little mini pancakes too and went heavy on all that fruit, and I have to say, she amazed me how much she ate! It was all gone so quickly we were chopping up fruit to add to it and couldn't keep up. Shes definately her Daddy's daughter with that appetite! Safe to say, Elin's first pancake day was very successful. And after tucking madam in, it only made sense to whip up the remaining mix for some classic sugar and lemon pancakes. Any day that ends with two helpings of pancakes is a good one in my book!

I hope you all had an excellent pancake day too! Because pancakes are mightily important!

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