Monday, 8 February 2016


We recently discovered a new hobby for the Lathey-clan... We are three brand new, fresh faced Geo-cachers! This is a really really quick post about our first ever cache that we discovered practically on our doorstep. I'm absolutely sure there will be lots more posts dedicated to this new amazing hobby of ours (how have I only just discovered it?!) but I can't contain my excitement for our first outing as amateur geo-cachers, so here are the pictures!

As part of the walk we took Elin to feed the ducks. Her only understanding of the thing was watching me sign 'duck' but I still believe its a little milestone in any childhood.

If you have never heard of Geo-caching (like me only a few days ago) defiantly have a google. Honestly, it was the perfect hobby for us- we are always looking for excuses to get outside, forever walking in the country side, who doesn't love a challenge and what a good fun way of exploring a brand new place, you might otherwise never discover. Honestly, I am so excited by this. I feel as though our life has a tiny bit more meaning now. I'm barely even exaggerating, this has really resonated with me, and even James too! Its fun to be a small part of something much bigger.

I have to be honest- James found the cache! He felt highly accomplished, not to mention cocky and has reminded me several times since, that it was HE who found it. So much for being a team eh?! I sense some competition building!

No post is complete without the most beautiful girl in the world, looking all beautiful and such. I really think this hobby is gonna shape a small portion of her childhood and I'm so excited she gets to be part of, like, the biggest world wide treasure hunt. What kid wouldn't love that?!

Like I say, this is just a flying post to share the joy of our first ever geo-cache! I'l definitely be dedicating a lot more posts and time on it in the very near future. But I was too genuinely not to share these, so they will do for now! We can't wait to get out again very soon and discover a whole world of geo caches!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Love, Us.

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