Thursday, 11 February 2016

The little things. 6

Unintentionally, today's round up of 'happy days' has a very spring like feel to them! Daffodils, ducks, flowers and pancakes make for a lovely February week in our world. With lots of flowers popping up, little buds in the forest poking out their heads, February celebrations underway, (albeit wintery) sunshine and 'april showers' it really does feel as though spring is creeping into the world once more. I couldn't be more grateful or excited. 

I do love winter, but I feel we've had our share now. We've embraced the season, the holidays, we've bundled up warm, enjoyed all that great hearty food, all the warming drinks, and its been great. But I am now more than ready for spring and summer. With it comes easter egg hunts, welly walks and strawberry picking. And also, a certain someones FIRST birthday! I'm feeling all the feelings about this, But I'l save all those real and overwhelming feelings for a post of there own. 

Anyway, here's my happy moments from this week! 

I hope you have had a brilliant start to February too.

Love, Us

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