Tuesday, 11 August 2015

...Life is but a dream

A dream filled with poo-ey nappies, sleep deprivation and seemingly endless burping sessions. But you catch my drift.
As you can probably tell from some of my previous posts, we're starting our family traditions early with our squidge. She won't remember them at all and okay, they are, for now, mostly for our own benefit, but we do think it'll be lovely to show Elin some of these photos as shes older and say just how much fun we had with her. Also getting used to all these mini adventures now will hopefully make it a little easier to do things when she is old enough to remember. And being in such a beautiful summer it would be a shame to waste it. So, our family adventures continue and traditions unfold before the babe can even have a clue.

We rented a canoe and took a little jolly down the river with this monkey. Obviously she needed to wear her little sailor dress for the occasion. Obviously. She seemed pretty into the different colours and reflections on the water and probably the sounds and smells too. I like to think these little outings aren't totally just for us and she gets to explore different senses and sensory play time is important right?

 Turns out its much more fun being the passenger and I can't be trusted to steer. But I'm good at looking after baby so I have my uses! The terror of being stuck on a river with a screaming baby made me pretty nervous but Elin was a trooper and a little angel the whole way. Phew. She makes me so grateful. The other thing that makes me grateful? Boobies. Travelling light as they say!

Considering when we go away I love to go on boat trips (we rented an awesome paddle boat in Munich) I'd never actually rented a river boat right on my doorstep! It was so much fun however, so tranquil to row (or be rowed) down a beautiful river surrounded by nature that we'll be doing it again no doubt!

We keep saying how we'll have to take Elin back and do all these things again when shes older so we can have photos and compare! Looks like we might be setting ourselves up for a pretty busy life. So worth it though when we're creating such lovely memories. Even if nap time is pretty impossible to nail down!

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  1. Lovely! We have been doing lots of things with Matilda for the same reasons - I love that she can look back and see all the time we made to do things as a family and all the adventures we took her on even if she doesn't remember them. Lucky little ladies! x