Thursday, 28 May 2015


Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I made the pretty impromptu decision to start this blog to document life with my beautiful (in my entirely bias opinion) little family. There will be endless talk about all of us; myself, my lovely partner James and our handsome man of the feline variety Billy, but really, Its all about Elin.


Our daughter.

Turns out everything they say before you have your first baby is true. Nothing can prepare you. It does go just too fast. You really must treasure every moment. And like every parent I wholeheartedly believe that my baby is simply the smartest most beautiful baby and all round best human being to have ever been born. So naturally I decided to share all our little adventures, make use of sleepless nights and start a little world where I can write about all those things that make her just so special.

In 8 weeks she has changed so much. She does so much now that she couldn't before but also so many of those brand-new-baby, fresh out the womb things she did she doesn't any longer! I think this whole growing up thing is possibly the most beautiful bitter-sweet thing imaginable. I am so incredibly excited to see who she will become and watch her spirit grow and personality blossom, but at the same time I get so sad when those poppers no longer stretch over her bottom or I'm cutting toes off of the sleepsuits I can't part with just yet.

I just want something to look back on in years to come and remind myself of these incredible days. Remind myself just how much we lived and loved. I want something to show Elin when she's older so she can see how much she changed our world. I just want to share how absolutely beautiful our life is with Elin in it. So stick around to keep up with our little adventures, explosive nappies included! And have a wonderful day whatever it brings you!

Love, Tess

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