Monday, 7 March 2016

Happy Mother's day!

To all the new mums, old mums, step mums, mum-in-laws, mum's to be and mummy's to angels, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. 

There really is nothing quite like being a mummy, it is the most challenging adventure of all. As mother's we are all in this game together and we need to support and embrace each other. All of our similarities and differences make us who we are, and we need to celebrate our own, and other's journeys in motherhood! There aren't enough words in the world to sum up the immensity of motherhood, but taking a day out of the year to stop, and just celebrate our mum's is lovely in my eyes. Plus, I didn't realize before today how important food is on Mother's day! Or maybe that's just in our family? 

Anyway- here's how we spent the day!

What I just said about food? This was our first breakfast. We have pretty big thing about french toast in our household and here Elin (AKA James) whipped up eggy bread fingers stuffed with raspberries and nutella, with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup for good measure. Need I say more?

These last few weeks Elin seems to have totally changed. It really is as if someone has taken our baby and replaced her with a very determined, head strong toddler. Certainly some of tantrums have been very toddler-esque recently too! I wouldn't change any of it though, its just the next phase of our journey together. Although I'm not sure I'm totally equipped for it! Anyway, yesterday she did so much walking! Even taking her first (and amazingly confident) steps in shoes. That was enough to make me so proud!

I love these two pictures together! Its so Elin. Her smile is the most infectious thing ever and truly lights up any room. People are totally in love with that smile of hers, myself included. But she's got a hell of a pout to match too! Here we were practicing all those walking skills by spending about 40 minutes walking down the peir. I'm gonna have to start budgeting time to go at an Elin pace.

I love these photos here! |Elin has started sharing her food. In fact if she's refusing to eat theres no better way of guaranteeing she does than 'eating' it ourselves and letting her steal it back from our mouths! The things we do as mother's hey? It is seriously cute though when she shares things with Daddy and mummy, and even our friends dog. We also rarely get photos of all of us, and who doesn't love a good selfie? Her smile is looking more and more like Daddy's!

As it was nap time, we went for a long walk over the cliffs. I love walking. We start talking about all sorts and its so quiet without all the distractions we really connect. Also in our family we have to have a smooch when going through a kissing gate! Its country law. As you can see Elin totally conked out! I'm dreading the day a wrap doesn't work its nap-time magic on her, especially as boobing and the carseat aren't always so effective these days! (We obviously didn't leave her at this angle longer than it took to take the photo!)

Elin (again James) surprised me with the most lovely afternoon tea at the Station Kitchen. James enjoyed winding me up all day about having a roast for dinner (I really don't like roasts!) so this was a lovely treat. Its a new cafe sat on the old railway. They're getting an vintage train carriage here too soon, so you can eat in that too. I love this little place- its tiny but amazing and so full of charm. And the food is something else!

I love a good afternoon tea. We even had one as our wedding reception! I have to say though this was the best I've ever had. (even better than Harrods in my eyes!) It was amazing. Champagne to start, with canapes, followed by finger sandwiches and chunky chips, with the best set of scones and cakes to end with. We even had mini home bakes hot crossed buns. It was beyond amazing! Elin enjoyed her first afternoon tea too! The attention to detail was amazing and so lovely. They even gave a gift to each mum, and nice gifts too! I got some bath products from the white company which was a lovely treat. I'l be doing a post about this place later on, as James and I (well, Elin really!) won a selfie competition so will be having a free dinner later this month! I'l do my best to capture just how charming it is here. 

I'm obviously a huge fan of Mother's day after all this! We had such a lovely time together. I will never tire of family days spent like this. And watching Elin really get to grips with walking was extra special. 

As much as this day is about mothers, for me that is just as much about celebrating our babies. After all without her, all of this amounts to very little. I consider it the greatest privilege to be Elin's mummy. She is my favorite adventure of all. Being a mum for this last year, has taught me more about love, life, family, patience and kindness than I ever knew possible. She has transformed our lives and in having her I feel as though I have found myself. I am forever grateful to be on this journey with her. Nothing can prepare you for motherhood, and nothing, nothing prepares you for the amount of love you can feel!

So Happy Mother's day everyone! No matter what you did, how ever grand or simple or even if you did nothing at all, know that you are doing an amazing job and for the littles in your life you are their entire world. 

Have a lovely week!

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